XF 1.4 FAQ Help Page Issue

When I try to create a help page for my website FAQ that I am trying to create. Once I add the 2nd question in the FAQ, it makes the table half the page size and not all the way like it was before. What can I do to fix this?


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Is it an add-on?
Custom code?

Without a link to the code it's impossible to even guess what's causing it.
Woops! I am so sorry!

That is the current page I am working on. I am using HTML Coding to make the page. here is the code I currently have.
<center><strong><h1>AdminVortex FAQ</h1></strong><p><i>Frequently Asked Questions of AdminVortex</i></p></center><hr><br>
<strong>What is AdminVortex?</strong><p>AdminVortex is an Admin / SEO / Webmaster related website for any and all new or experienced web masters out there looking to make their website better then what it already is.</p><br>
<strong>What is the main goal with AdminVortex?</strong><p>Our main goal is to provide support and to help others make a new site successful or to continue making a successful site better.</p><br>


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You seem to have quite a few issues with the HTML.


I would recommend using classes and divs rather than how you are currently doing it.


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Removing one of the erroneous entries resolves it:

There are still issues with the template code though.
I don't know if that's due to what you've added or the custom style you're using, but I don't see it on the other help pages.