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Fair Price for Admin? Your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Gabby, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Gabby

    Gabby Well-Known Member

    Hello there,
    Just a quick question. I have two NPOs with communities I have to launch ASAP but I do not have the physically ability to get involved much with admin of the forums. I am very ill and recovery isn't likely. In addition, I have a long term large lawsuit I'm involved in so I have almost zero time or energy to manage any community right now. I'm sure KAM can relate. Yikes, very stressfull indeed. Unfortunatly, I have no choice but to get these communities up and running, despite my health and lack of interest. urggg.

    My question to you is what do you think a fair price would be to manage two communities? I suspect one will be very busy once the word get's out and the other less busy but more of a pain in the ass, drama wise. < The drama I just can't do again. I'm not sure how to gauge what a fair price would be. Per 100 members, per hits, per posts?.....


    Love ya and thanks..

  2. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Well-Known Member

    That's really up to you. I'm sure everyone will have different perceptions of what their time is worth. What you should do is set a price you can live with. The only thing I'd say for certain to do, is to pay per time interval. Not hourly, but say, per month/per week, etc. I was paid monthly to administer a website for a clinic, and sometimes I did nothing at all for months, or was swamped with work months. The monthly set pay kind of counter balanced the oddball amounts of time an administrator has to put in.
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  3. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    awww get well soon gabby :hug:

    a fair price? i dunno, 20 bucks a month? lmaoo
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  4. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    Depending on your subject matter you might find that people will help out admining for nothing, or very little.

    If money is an issue, you could go down that path, I would ask this at an Admin site also.
  5. Gabby

    Gabby Well-Known Member

    Ok thank you for your reply. Where is this Admin site you are refering to? Thank you again.

  6. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

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  7. jadmperry

    jadmperry Well-Known Member


    Hope things go well on the health side. Maybe not in the cards, but still, I hope so.

    Are you asking what you would pay someone else or what you would ask to be paid to do it yourself? From what you said, you aren't up to doing it and given your situation, I would think that "can't do it" pretty much sums it up- unless the amount of money was so large to make you re-assess, I would not do it. As for what you would pay someone else, I think a lot depends on what you would be asking them to do in terms of time and skill involved. But, I would think that you could find someone passionate about the forum issues and they might be willing to volunteer/do it for free.
  8. Gabby

    Gabby Well-Known Member

    Hi Jad-
    Yeah I really have to do and complete these two communities asap-both for real personal reasons. Time is of great importance as well. I have an amount in mind per forum but don't want to insult someone or screw myself either. I'm going to pay for skins as I have no time or much skill to do it myself. So skinning will be all taken care of. As far as what an admin would do... Dah, that is kind of important huh. Silly me. Anyway, I suppose just do intial mod installs and updates when needed and get rid of the drama queens and spam non sense. I will have some volunteers but do need someone they can go to for things-if something goes wrong software wise. I'm very confident in my communities being quite successful as I have been fortunate to have had large communities grow real fast but I'm just not up to doing all that that takes.

    thank you so much for your reply.

  9. Mr.Rick

    Mr.Rick Active Member

    After site costs are paid, give them all the profits.
    Performance review every 6 months with bonus.
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  10. Lykke

    Lykke Well-Known Member

    Hi Gabby - I'm sorry to hear about your situation, I hope things will get better and you will get some needed energy back soon!

    SchmitzIT offers Community Management and is working as such for several forums - mostly games - as a part of our profession/business.

    SchmitzIT also administrates Xenforo-forums (several sites).

    Price is a weird matter though, because you can't set a price for 'how many people you have been talking with' or 'how many posts you have been moderating' or replying to ...

    So far my own CM'ing tasks have been set up in a specified amount of hours, which we found would be suitable and then the monthly price was set after that. I have very often spent a lot more time though, because if it's a community you're involved in, it does take time.

    How much the CM will be taking active part, all depends on the type of forum you have, and the product/theme/subject - My CM jobs also contained the handling of news on the front page and articles for example, and in-game activities/events.

    There's a huge difference between an actual CM and an administrator/moderator.

    Where it is the CM's job to be a part of the actual forum activities/debates and be the speaking tube between both the company/forum owners and the community having a very close relationship to both, the administrator handles only the technical stuff and the moderator handles only the hard facts-moderating/editing things.

    Let me know if we can assist you in any ways - and feel better soon :)

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