Fade posts by Banned Members

Fade posts by Banned Members


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Azhria Lilu submitted a new resource:

Fade posts by Banned Members - Take the attention from banned members

Sometimes you end up banning a member who has, up until that point, got quite a few posts under their belt (or at the very least has got a selection of posts that haven't needed to be deleted) and while you don't want to lose those posts, at the same time you mightn't want too much emphasis being given to them. This simple edit fades the posts made by anyone who is in a banned users usergroup (so it only works if you put someone into a banned group).

First off, head into your ACP and open the...

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It isn't related to this ressource but how did you do to add a gender icon next to the user name because i was searching for something like that for xenforo but no ressource exist for that kind of modification. thanks.