facebook to offer group video chat


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Initially it's just one on one chat.

Group chat may be added as a premium feature later.

At launch, Facebook's video chat service will only be able to connect two users face-to-face, whereas Google's+ system allows group video calls, known as Huddles.

Mr Zuckerberg said that it was likely that other "premium" Skype functions would be added in future.


You all may be after Google Invites for video calling and circles.

Well know Facebook has video calling!


(And incase no know already knew, facebook does have its own "circles" so to speak, just not many people use them so it goes very much unnoticed.)
It's definitely a cool feature, and something that needs to be advertised to the non-tech part of the web.

Most of my friends don't know about this, but do know about skype and simply for that reason will never use this - much like many of facebook's features.