Facebook profile info cache

Facebook profile info cache

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Darkimmortal submitted a new resource:

Facebook profile info cache (version 1.0.0) - Simple file edit for caching in XenForo_Helper_Facebook::getUserInfo

Very simple edit to add caching to the getUserInfo facebook function, which makes pages take ages to load when lots of facebook profiles are to be rendered. I encountered this scenario when designing my forum's new members list: http://www.gamingmasters.org/members-list/

This is of almost zero use to XenForo itself as it stands and will only benefit addons that make heavy use of facebook profile info.


	public static function...

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I just noticed your steam cards don't work on the member list you've linked to, it always actives the 'more button'.

Sorry, OT, but how did you get extra things like the TF2 backpack links on them, can you put other icons on there?
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