XF 1.2 Facebook Integration


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So I have kind of an odd question.

I know that the XF is very user-friendly when it comes to FB integration. BUT... I also know everyone out there that has forums, not all allow full out reading of everything by guests.

I have never been really clear (even with my vBulletin forum) on how the FB integration works in the cases of forums that are semi-private.

Some of my forums will be readable to guests once we get moved, but some of them will not just due to privacy of sensitive topics discussed. Right this moment, on my vB forum, I have FB integration TOTALLY turned off because I was scared about privacy and some things being shared on FB. I also have my current forum to where guests cannot READ any of the threads/posts, just can read titles. Like I said though, that will change when we move to XF (hopefully today) and it will be about 60% readable by guests, and 40% not... roughly.

What happens if FB integration is on and someone "likes" or "recommends" the thread on FB, but it's not a viewable by guests thread? What actually shows up on FB?

What ALL does FB integration even ALLOW people on FB to possibly see on a forum?


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Privacy will remain constant through out using Facebook. Sharing or liking a private forum's thread may show a thread title, but content shouldn't be shown on Facebook. However, I don't have private forums where non-staff members can participate, so I've never dealt with the situation. You should be fine tho.