XF 1.5 Facebook Comments Plugin issue


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I decided to add facebook comment plugin to my forum. Facebook has a guide here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/comments
I add the first code to the bottom of the page_container_js_body template.
And second code to the bottom of the ad_message_below template.

Comment area appears very well as you can see: http://www.muhasebecafe.com/threads...eya-hucre-formati-hatali-sorununun-cozumu.25/

But when somebody write a comment, it appears in every thread. There is no thread specified comment. Did I make a mistake or something?

Look it is the same comment at another thread: http://www.muhasebecafe.com/threads...l-sonuna-kadar-cezai-mueyyide-yok.14/#post-23

How can I configure separate comments by threats? Thanks.