Facebook app no longer officially supported

We received an email from Facebook today, as follows:

As announced in the Facebook Developer blog, Facebook is in the process of removing methods from the Javascript SDK that are not officially supported. Your app ... has been identified as using such methods, and we are informing you about this now so that you can make the necessary changes to avoid your application being affected when we first make these methods into empty stubs, and subsequently when we remove them.
To find out which changes you need to make, please check the developer console while running your app, and validate against the official documentation.
The id of the app was included in the email message and matches the id associated with our XF Facebook Integration app.

Has anyone else received this message and, if so, is there any information on what is being done to ensure the Facebook Integration function continues to work?


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I don't Facebook so i have my wifes account hooked to my FB integration app. It's the only FB app I have and she did not receive an email regarding this. I'm assuming that we are safe.