Facebook answers calls for a dislike button with 'downvote' feature


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Facebook has finally designed something akin to a "dislike" button after years of campaigning from the social network's users.

The "downvote" button is being tested on a small number of Facebook users and applies only to comments. When clicked, it hides a comment and is intended for flagging offensive comments to moderators.

Here is a screenshot of the feature:

Hopefully we will see something similar in XF 2.1 to make it easier to flag and moderate abusive posts.


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Sounds like it’s not supposed to be a dislike button as such, but a downvote/spam tool to help crowdsource moderation and hide bad content.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be used like a dislike button by many though, especially with the wording.

A crowd source moderation tool would be good for xf though.

Discourse hides posts by default to users if they’ve been flagged enough times, so subsequent readers have to click to show it as they’re browsing past it.

This is their panel that results from when you click the ‘Flag’ button, which is the equivalent of the report button.



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Yep, that would be great for XenForo. Unlike social media, its moderated platform. Community can temporary mute junk posts, then moderators would take a look and make a final decision.

However Facebook is opposite of that.


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Facebook still needs moderation too. There's always going to be content that violates its TOS.

What with the explosion of groups, they all need moderation by the group admins. So I can see this partly being an additional tool to help group admins and their members better moderate to contentt posted within groups.