Extract Number of Members/Posts/Threads using PHP Script


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I had a PHP script back in the day for vBulletin 3 which allowed me to extract the number of members, posts, and threads there were on the forum. I want to do that for my Xenforo forum in a stand alone php file on my main site.

I'm already doing that for my Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube so I want to do that with my forums as well.

Anyone know how to do this?


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Hmm... Kinda close to what I want, but not entirely. Sorry if I'm being a pain in the butt.

Like what I got to post how many FB, Twitter, and YT fans I got, it only posts the number total and no other script.

I'll message you in private how it showed up and how I want it to look.

*likes your post for assisting* :D

Jake Bunce

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It's a var_dump to show all of the data that is available. You can echo specific elements of the array to create any output you want.