XF 1.3 Extracss help to login section


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I have made a lot of style settings which seems to be break other things and needs to be fixed in extra.css

Can someone help with some code that make text in the login bar white again?
ie. "Your name or" and "email address" and "password"

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.ctrlUnit {
color: black !important;}
This is the current extra.css that causes trouble. If I remove it (which might be a good idea), the text in search pop up becomes unreadable.


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Thanks again. Apparently, my ctlr.Unit code above "overruled" the font color settings in the login bar. If I do not add this, my search looks like this. I bet skip the ctrl. unit and ask for help to the search bar in another thread.

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Ya best bet for minor fixes like that use specific selectors, #QuickSearch ctrl.Unit or what not whatever the CSS would be. It'll save you headaches down the road :)