XF 1.4 Extra tab in nav bar removal


I have an issue I hope someone can help me with.

My website had an extra tab in the NavBar. It was a node-as-tab called "market" and I removed the stuff for it. However, the site still populates the nav bar with the node, even though it leads to an error page now.

I have isolate to Admin CP > appearance > template > navigation, there is some code that populate extra tabs, which controls the display of 3 extra nodes, one of which is the market node. The issue is, I can't delete this as I will lose my other 2 tabs as well. But I can't figure out how to get rid of the market tab.

Any suggestions. Or need more info?

Jake Bunce

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For the Nodes As Tabs addon you just need to edit the node and uncheck "Display As Tab":

Admin CP -> Applications -> Display Node Tree -> [click the node] -> Display As Tab

By "removed the stuff for it" I assume you mean you deleted the node. All such node actions should prompt a rebuild of the cache for the Nodes As Tabs addon, but it sounds like it might not have updated for some reason. Unchecking that box should fix it, and editing any node will rebuild the associated cache.


Less likely is that this might be a more general problem with your data registry. Are you using any special cache storage in your library/config.php file (e.g. memcached, zend, file)? If that special storage is failing to update for whatever reason then that could be the problem, and that would affect several other areas of the forum as well.

For reference:

Defining a Cache | XenForo
Yes, I deleted the node.

If you want reference you can go to "Psionic Nation : Learn Psychic Abilities"

You see the dark gray bar "Psion Market".

In my node tree I deleted the node and it indeed didn't redo cache. I can't find anything to manually rebuild a "node as tabs" list. I did it for the forum from: Admin CP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> then actually all of them. But no joy.

I will have to check my config.php but right now FTP is being stupid and keeps connecting but not displaying any of my files.