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borbole submitted a new resource:

Extra Forum Viewing Settings - It adds several criterias for your members to enter individual forums

This mod will adds several extra criterias/settings for your members to enter individual forums. Hopefully this will help increase the activity.

After installing the mod, go to your Acp->Applications and below the Node Tree link you will see a new link added, called: Extra Forum Settings. There you can do the following:

1) Enter the ID of the forum where you would like to enforce the extra criterias/settings for your members.

2) Set the post count criteria for your members in order to view...

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I need to get this installed on my forum, @borbole please get in touch with me ASAP. I can't let me forum go live until I have your wonderful add on! Thank You!
@borbole I have run into a bug or something. I even had my tech guys that specialize in XF take a look into it for me and they told me to contact the developer.

One of my moderator's alerted me he couldn't enter a 18+ forum. He could view the thread titles, but when trying to click the titles and read them it told him "to enter this forum you must specify your age at your profile." Well he is 38, his age IS specified, and is not private. I checked and checked settings, and then had my tech guys take a look... that ran into the same problem on their end. Their profile DOB and age are on there, not private or anything, but tells them the same thing. I noticed in the settings it said "how many days old" the person needs to be as entered. So to just humor the idea of maybe that was not a misprint, I actually calculated 365 days x 18 and entered 6570 in there. Yeah that didn't work LOL!
Anyone know a better way of any sort to reach borbole? Tomorrow will be the 3rd day I haven't heard from him, sent him 2 PMs ... I have had to shut down all of my forums with sexual content because the add-on isn't working for mostly everyone. Cannot find any rhyme or reason as to whom it affects... or which of the 4 forums it affects. Some people can see ones they shouldn't, some can't see one's they should, the age ones tell most people their age isn't on their profile but it is, the gender ones tell some they are not the correct gender, etc. Even my tech guys are scratching their heads. I thought it worked perfectly fine from installation, but didn't formally test it against users. I have gone into test permissions for different users and tried all sorts of users, usergroups, etc. No rhyme or reason to the madness... it's as if it just don't work at all. Even had my tech's update XF today, and reinstall the add-on with hopes things may be different, but were not. :(
I have been very busy for the last days and have not had time to log in here at all. But I received your pc and I replied to it.
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