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Here is what I am looking for:

So... the Best Posts add-on has came out, met with mixed reviews and ideas of if it works great for what it is, how useful it is, etc... Personally, I think he missed a great opportunity to expand on his base of Post Ratings, and I think he could easily offer an Extended add-on to couple with Post Ratings.

My ideas...

1. Have a "Post Ratings" tab to optionally display. Or call it Post Statistics, whatever it may be, doesn't necessarily matter, can always be changed in phrases.

Now, once clicking on that, comes up like your Members Page. Tabs along the top, info under the name, etc.. The tabs will now be all the titles of each Post Rating you have... Like, Dislike, Agree, Disagree, etc...

Now, instead of the number on the right being Posts, why not have the total number of Likes that member has, for a Leaderboard?


As you click on each tab, obviously it will change to represent the leader of each. Possibly have options to display how many members you want. Top 10 might be a good place to start for each.

Now that all of that work is done.. next phase...

Sidebar widgets...

Easily replicate the above on a smaller scale. Could actually have whatever the icon is too...

Something like:

Or, you could list the Top 5 briefly for whatever you'd want listed.

Could also have a new area right above the Post Ratings Bar and total ratings on your profile page to show if you are leading in any categories... Like...

(to match XenAdmins look)
Screenshot_17 (1).png

Normally, would be something like...

Could easily expand on that, make it it's own block even, show the ranking you are in each area... using Lisa as an example, not sure on exact amounts obviously or true rank... heh.

-- Just wanted to expand somewhat on some of the things that I feel are missing from Post Ratings. I personally wouldn't mind throwin' down an extra $10-$20 or so per copy for this extension...

Anyone else have any other thoughts, ideas?

If you might be interesting in doing this, post here, I will contact you (as I don't want stalkers on my profile, I only allow those I follow to contact me). We can discuss pricing / options / etc in private.


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While I like the suggested features myself, I'm not keen on the idea of an extension of a third-party add-on. These features have to be done by @Luke Foreman alone. Not sure if he was asked about it and rejected it, but your best bet is to convince him with brute force arguments.

Daniel Hood

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I'm slightly intrigued as this wouldn't take long. I'm not sure how @Luke Foreman feels about someone else coding a paid add on around his paid add on though. That'd have to be worked out, I'd also have to know that there's more interest than just you three (as $30-60 isn't really enough).