Implemented Extending Xen by Giving Coders MVC folders

I'm coding a few projects and im seriously considering using XenForo for a site. At first I was thinking i could write the CMS with CodeIgniter but then i thought Zend is already apart of Xen, so why not extend from it. Unfortunately its a bit confusing to figureout how to write complex pages in XenForo using the Zend Framework. So my suggestion would be Create a folder system where we can extend Xen using Model/Controler/Views, this will give us the ability to use XenForo's function and the Zend Framework without interfering with Xenforo system.

I could write a blog system for example, I could write the Models, Views and Controllers to handle it, and it would hook right in with XenForo's system and would keep it only one connection rather than 2 for the DB. This could give users endless possibilities, especially if we can easily get the user session/permissions without having a separate connection.

I would great appreciate a proper discussion of this possibility.


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Yes. Anything that is done in a core Xenforo controller can be done in your own controllers. This includes accessing the Models, Permissions, BbCode Formatters, etc.

One of the reasons why I like this system is because custom Addons/Applications are not treated as second-class citizens within the framework.