Extending the User Title Ladder with new Type


I have an idea for a new User Title Ladder Extension, but I don`t know how to set a new type here

We already got Trophy Points, Messages and Likes.

Where do I have to hook to add a Field of my SQL Table?
This are just incremental Counts per users - so should be possible :whistle:


When I read around the board, there are such clever geeks around.
I could learn a lot of things already (y)

But I always have the feeling, or even don`t know, who from Xenforo is officially supporting us customers, or even if there is a support other then the ticket system where other members could not follow, which may result in double questions :whistle:

I am waiting almost 1 week, for an answer.
Who else when not the Xenforo Team should know where I have to bind the new sql Table field for the new Usertitle Ladder option :rolleyes:

@Brogan maybe you skipped my Conversation, where I asked you in a polite way if you could take a look at this thread to help me.
It always can happen - but it is not only you, I hope, who answers development questions from the Xenforo team ;)



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Just as an FYI, I typically don't respond to conversations asking for support directing me to a thread on the forum as I get too many of them.
If I wish to comment on a thread I will do so during my normal course of work.
(I'm just one person, there is only so much I can do in any one 16-18 hour day.)

It's also worth pointing out that support on the forum is entirely voluntary and community based.
Only tickets are guaranteed a response from a staff member (but development questions are outside the scope).