Extend location field?


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I've seen some add-ons related but also know that this is somewhat incorporated into XF from 1.4 +

Is possible to add to the location, with more precise location - specifically city.
Thus the field that can be added alongside location like so;


Is that possible, is there an add-on already available for such implementation or is this something that can be customised by myself?

Failing that, will an add-on development be necessary?

Many thanks in advance.


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I did something similar (country > state > city, though state only works if you select my country) with Custom Fields by Waindigo. It requires a PHP callback though.

If you want I cand send you my code for you to fiddle.


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Excellent response, thank you...
I have Custom Fields by Waindigo raring to go, and yes I guessed it would take some PHP callback of sorts...
Absolutely by all means, I would love to take a peek providing that's okay with yourself?

Thank you ever so much for the very swift reply. (y)