XF 1.5 Exporting thread titles from specific forum area


Hi, I need a plain text document with all the thread titles from specific forum area, how is possible to export this data? is there some addon for this? or how is possible via phpmyadmin? Im not good at sql.

Sorry title is wrong, is EXPORTING, not importing.


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But I need only thread titles, nothing more, and the rss show lot more info :(
I was hoping a copy paste from the titles would be enough..

well, the SQL query will probably be something like: (replace NODEIDHERE with the ID of the node you're querying)
SELECT title FROM `xf_thread` WHERE node_id = NODEIDHERE
But you'd have to perhaps extend this with things like: AND (discussion_state IN ('visible','deleted','moderated')
and maybe ORDER BY last_post_date DESC

Yep, that seems to work
Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 20.33.42.png
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