Lack of interest Export a single style properties group


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Lack of sleep or a decent idea... I'm not sure :), but it would be sweet for the community if we're able to export like a single group of style properties.

Basically the idea behind it is if I create quite a few custom style properties with certain template conditionals, rather than the effort of making an add-on(which I'm not up to par with doing) it'd be sweet if I could simply export the group of style properties I create and other users can simply import it into their existing style.

Right now I could create a few template conditionals, such as...
<xen:if is="@enablesnowflakes">
purty snowflakes
But without using some form of an add-on, or importing my style completely/using it as a parent it would be hard and tedious to walk someone through the process of custom creating the style properties(especially if there's multiple properties).

Thoughts? Stuff it and stick to an add-on? ;p