Explain this...

Adam Howard

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Look at the views :p

Found it quite amusing lol
Someone has posted about your add-on else where. It is drawing some interest.

In addition, I would imagine anytime something around here gets deleted, people also take interest. As I deleted my old template modification and told people to check out yours as the official replacement...

Add these two together as factors and your view count is going to climb.


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I reported this as a bug but Mike says it's ok: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/thread-views-counter-failing.63803

This doesn't happen in vBulletin. Definitely there is something wrong in the way in how XenForo handles the thread views counter.
Well, this isn't vBulletin. :)

Can't say there's anything wrong with how XenForo counts thread views. A quick way to check the completeness and accuracy of the count is to audit your logs and see if your numbers match. If a log entry requests a certain thread/link 100 times and the counter shows 100 (or thereabouts depending update frequency) then I'd say it's working as intended.

Maybe someone is just hitting F5 repeatedly.... :p