Expiring user banners


Howdy, everyone!

I've looked around and can't seem to find this asked or answered. Forgive me if it is and I missed it, please direct me! I'd like to see an option/add-on where an admin could enable a special user banner that has an expiration date. For example, let's say someone donates. They could be assigned a banner that shows them to be a site supporter (obviously a lot of folks like this), but the time that banner is displayed is set by an admin. When the time limit is reached, the banner goes away and whatever banner ordinarily applies gets re-established. That could serve as a gentle reminder that it's time to donate again!
You can achieve that with the user upgrades function which would promote the member to another user group with a different banner.


You can set the date of expiry, after which time the member would be removed from the user group.

Alternatively, members can purchase the user upgrades which will automatically promote and demote them.
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