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Expired Upgrades information on User Profile - Adds a list of user's expired upgrades to the "Extra" tab in the user's profile

This add-on adds new data to your administrator control panel. When viewing a user's profile in the admincp, the "Extra" tab will now have a full list of the user's expired upgrades in addition to their active upgrades and linked social network accounts.

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went through the process to buy this --- no download available. Purchase has to be approved or something.
Please re-download the file from the client area. This is my first product release here on XF and I'm still getting the hang of the release process (I normally only write addons for my sites and my client sites). The product is now compatible with Addon Install & Upgrade.
Installed this add-on to my site and couldn't be more pleased. We have a subscription based website and it is great to be able to see previous expired subscriptions in a users account. Highly recommend if you handle subscriptions on your site.
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