Exempt users names and/or email from spam filters so they can sign up


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I have a new user who's email and user name are getting flagged across all the spam filters. Not just one, literally 4 or 5. But he's real and he uses that email all the time, even on the board where we met. I had to sign him up manually, and when he went to add in his email address, it bounced him out of the system. Is there some sort of site whitelist that I can use to keep him, or anyone else, from running into this issue?


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No, I mean is there a universal whitelist wherein the registration will cross check that first before going to any of the spam services that users may have installed as add-ons. So, if I register as spam with an email of spam@spam.com this would obviously be spam and would be flagged. But if I added it to the whitelist, it would go through without being checked.

An odd request, I know. Just curious if something like that existed.


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I just thought it was less than appropriate for the company forum so changed it to something more suitable :)