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XF 1.2 Excluding some forum/nodes from display on "New Posts" feed

Hi Guys,

I've come over from vB and had it set up to exclude 2 forum/nodes on the what's new section as they were busy RSS feeds that users (rightly) didn't want their "New Posts" list full of. They have the choice to go read the section manually. Which worked for my community.

On the old forum I had to manually edit something and added exclude comment with the number of the forums/sections/nodes I wanted to exclude.

Can this be done with xF or something similar? Please say it is!


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You can set that in the individual node options in the ACP.

Forum Options -> Include threads from this forum when users click "New Posts"
You can set that in the individual node options in the ACP.
OK Thanks Brogan I'm yet to fully understand the way node/permissions are done on xF as I still have an old moderators section from my vB import that I can not gain access to but has exactly the same permissions as the moderators testing section that I can access.

Is there a guide to better understand how nodes/permissions are done on xF?
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