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Ok guys,I'm asking here as I am HOPELESS with all the technical stuff. I am after some help with creating an excel Formula to speed up a process that I do in generating overnight schedule for a community tv station. Here's an example of how the document is set up:

Column B(Blue) features the program starting time. Column C (Green) features the programs end time and Column D(Red) Features the program running time. What I do currently is take the program start time(B) and manually work out the finish time i.e Program A starts at 01:00 and runs for 24 minutes. Therefore,the finishing time is 01:24.

What I want to know is:

A) Is there a formula I can use that will take the program start time and add the program running time to it,to generate the finishing time?
B) If there is a formula for A, Is there a way to get the result in hours (i.e Program A starts at 01:00 and goes for 94 minutes. would there be a way for the above formula to tell me the finishing time exactly,instead of just telling me 01:94?)

Is there a way? or am I just dreaming?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S Sorry about the really long post!


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That seems helpful. Thanks :)

Does anyone know how to get it to consider hours now? i.e. a show starts at 1.30 and goes for 50 minutes. The Result is 51.30 when it should be 2.20.

Thanks Guys! :) You don't know how much work this is going to save me!


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This worked for me:
Format your cells as time.
Show Start - Duration - Show End
1:30 - 0:50 - =SUM(CELL1+CELL2)


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You may need to format your cells - I usually use custom formatting and something like h:mm

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hmm.. ok,I think I will look at this tomorrow. I feel I am too tired tonight.

Thanks James and Brogan,although I might be pestering you again tomorrow!


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I'll provide my step-by-step for you, using Microsoft Excel 2010 Starter and the 24-hour time format:

#1 - Set up your layout (I'm using Start Time | Duration | End Time)
#2 - Highlight all your cells that will hold the times stated above.
#3 - Right click -> format cells -> set category to time and select the time HH:MM:SS (usually shows with asterisk)
#4 - Set start time cell = 13:30, Set duration = 0:50, Set end time = =SUM(A2+B2)