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XF 1.4 excel cannot download the information you requested


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Hi - we have a spreadsheet on our forum in 2 formats - ods & xls. They contain hyperlinks to posts or images on the forum.

The ODS file works great but the excel gives
excel cannot download the information you requested
I've done some digging & can find reference to the issue in IE here but think it may apply to other browsers.

In particular :
Edit the web page from where you are pulling your data and remove the no-cache header. You would be looking for a meta tag like the following:

I'm way out of my depth with this. Can anyone please point me in the right direction to confirm & find this & advice if removing it would cause other issues?

Thanks in advance.


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Thinking it may be something server side as tried adding links to other XF sites & they work fine. However I can link to my other sites on the server. Any ideas?


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OK - it's seems to be something in XF excel doesn't like. I can link to any post in my forum that doesn't require a login - ie is guest viewable. Any post that requires a log in to access throws back:



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Coincidently I found 'header("Pragma: no-cache");' in a php file of my cubecart install looking at something else today. Is there anything like this anywhere in the XF files?