XF 2.2 Example setup insert data


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While i have seen examples how to use the SV\StandardLib\InstallerHelper to add/edit tables,
i dont have seen any examples how to insert data with the setup. Is there anything special for this?
Or should i just use examples like from the RM?

    public function installStep3()
            REPLACE INTO `xf_rm_category`
                `parent_category_id`, `depth`, `lft`, `rgt`, `display_order`,
                `resource_count`, `last_update`, `last_resource_title`, `last_resource_id`, `breadcrumb_data`,
                `allow_local`, `allow_external`, `allow_commercial_external`, `allow_fileless`,
                `thread_node_id`, `thread_prefix_id`,
                `always_moderate_create`, `always_moderate_update`,
                field_cache, prefix_cache, review_field_cache)
                'Example category',
                'This is an example resource manager category. You can manage the resource manager categories via the <a href=\"admin.php?resource-manager/categories/\" target=\"_blank\">Admin control panel</a>. From there, you can setup more categories or change the resource manager options.',
                0, 0, 1, 2, 1,
                0, 0, '', 0, '[]',
                1, 1, 1, 1,
                0, 0,
                0, 0,
                '', '', '');
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