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I recently purchased, uploaded and styled xenForo for my new site, evlution.com and have to say it's been a brilliant experience.

The plan is to introduce more elements, post news and reviews, and hopefully attract more than a couple of members!

Way back in days gone by (too long to want to admit to) I used to run www.MINI2.com, which was (and still is) a pretty big vBulletin forum. I have to say after that experience (and dabbling with other forum software such as PHPBB and Vanilla) I have found Xenforo to be an absolute dream to get started with and to perform simple styling to. Loving it so far.

I used to contribute a bit to the vbulletin.org forums back in the day, released a few plugins and such. As it stands here I haven't found anything I plan to do that isn't already catered for, it's a brilliant community.

Anyway, that's my experience so far, I'd appreciate any feedback on how you find things are shaping up at evlution.com.

I hope to become a much more active community member here, as my little hobby kicks into life a little!




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So far, I'm really not liking the colours that you have changed thus far. Reminds me of the vbulletin variation of blue. If blue is going to be the primary colour I would personally choose another variant of blue. Since the site is relatively new, and very few alterations have been done I can't really comment further until you've made more customisations to your xenforo site.