Eve 1.3.7 to XenForo - migration possible?

I am attempting to help someone who has an ancient Eve 1.3.7 board (currently owned by Social Strata) since they're being charged exorbitant fees to keep the forum running. From what I understand, the software is really old and the company wants to get rid of it but for the right price offered to keep it going, which has been the ongoing situation for a while now. He just doesn't want to lose his member and post database, understandably.

After my own great experiences with XenForo, I'd like to help him migrate since the money he's spending annually to keep the current forum going could power a XenForo forum and unlimited hosting plan for the next 30 years.

Does anyone have experience with this particular migration? I did some searching but couldn't find much reliable info, I'm guessing because it's so outdated. Thanks in advance for your help.