XF 1.4 Error while in ACP

Well, I was messing with Xenfacil Max Posters addon, trying to make it look good on FontAwesome Dark (changing the theme possibly) and randomly while I'm editing the HTML & CSS files I get the error:
it shows my ACP URL so I blocked it out.
Anyway, I refresh and usually that works but for some reason now I can't edit the files at all without this error coming up. Help?

Forum URL: http://helpmecode.club/forum/

I'm now realizing that this is only happening when I edit the Max Posters templates. I can do anything else I want in the ACP but saving the Max Posters templates creates this error. 0.0
I can log out and log back in and make 1 change before this error appears again. :/


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That sounds like an error related to mod_security.

Contact your host and they should be able to whitelist the rule.