Error on permission to access admin.php

Hi guys,
I was trying to translate some phrases to Vietnamese and kept getting this problem. It showed that there is an error on permission to access admin.php. I have only got this problem since yesterday. As far as I remember, I didn't do or edit anything before that.
The problem is not that bad as I am still able to translate the phrase after closing the error box. But sometimes it keeps showing up again when I try to translate other phrases.
I can't find much thing from the server error log and the file health check is ok too. Hope somebody can tell me the cause and the way to get rid of it. Thanks!

error box.jpg

server error log.jpg



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Is there anything common amongst the phrases which trigger it?
For any phrases which trigger it, does it happen every time with those phrases?

It could be mod_security related but other than that I'm unsure what could cause it.
I am not very sure if it was triggered by any phrase. The error box just showed up randomly, sometimes even when I was searching for a phrase to translate (like the image I attached above). The weird thing is that the problem has disappeared since I posted this thread lol.
May I know what you mean by "mod_security related"? Is there anything wrong with my admin.php file? Or should I just wait for the problem to disappear ;)?
Thanks anyway!


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Mod-security is an Apache module.

If it's happening randomly then it's going to be difficult to track down.
I note however there are some error log entries related to various files.
Run the file health check and confirm they are all OK.

If they are, then the next step is to disable all add-ons and enable them one at a time until the problem returns.