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Good news and Bad news.

2 hours ago I logged onto my site and I get a big ERROR 502 - BAD GATEWAY message and the site was down.

Now it's Working. I didn't do anything, I was just starting to research.

I want to get an education from the Xenforo community here. What happened, why did it happen, and how do I fix this in the future.

How did it fix itself? And lastly is there anything I can do to ensure it never happens again.

I'm very appreciative of any shared knowledge and/or advice.


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You will need to take that up with your webhost @Commodore, it would indicate they have some server issues/service problems and you got that 502 (unavailable/overload).

Log in to your ACP and navigate to error logs, if you see no error log it wasn't caused by XF/add-on. If you see any error logs share it here so that we can find the cause of the issue.
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Ok, yeah it went down just now for about 30 minutes then came back up on its own.

Very weird. Hasn't happened before tonight and I launch in two friggin' weeks!! :(

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Ok, yeah it went down just now for about 30 minutes then came back up on its own.
Two typical causes
The server is getting overloaded (if on shared hosting) and resources are limited
You are under a DDOS attack that is using up your system resources

In the first, your hosting provider has to address the issue
In the latter you need to check the logs and engage a firewall to intercept (hardware or software). If WordPress DDOS pingback attack (a layer 7) it will be harder to mitigate on a shared hosting provider. What happens with the ping back attack is it basically uses up all your resources and your HTTP server quits responding.