error 1.1.3 problem?

hello everyone trying to upload xenforo thru filezilla but it keeps giving me error 1.1.3 about CHMOD 777....i contacted my first host which was bluehost and they said they dont allow 777 then i changed my host to hostgator and they said they dont allow 777 permissions but it should work with 755....i have been trying and trying its not working....does anyone host with one of theses hosts so can point me thru this problem so i can get thru this....any suggestions
i see the data under the INSTALL...but where is the Internal Data...cant seem to find a newbie

and im pretty sure someone using Xenforo is surely using bluehost or hostgator for their how did who has these host get around pretty sure there is a way

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
data and internal_data are at the same level as install. If they are missing then you must have downloaded the upgrade package in which case you need to manually create those directories.
Thanks for helping. Ur right. It is the upgrade version. Maybe thats why it hasnt been working. So how do i create those directories or can i go back and download original version of xenforo