Entity relationships do not (always) validate 'primary' flag is accurate and may not hit the entity cache


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When 'primary' is set on a relationship, XF\Mvc\Entity\Manager::getRelation parses the condition into a key-value set to lookup by primary key the linked entity.

This has the following issues:
  • When this key-value has 1 entry, Finder::find => Finder::whereId do not validate this is a known primary key column (they only do this for an array).
  • For multi-column primary keys, the order is dependant on the list of conditions and not the primary key as defined in the entity. This means an unexpected cache miss may occur.
  • An empty condition will cause the relationship to always return null, which probably isn't expected.
Putting 'primary' on the wrong relationship is a painful debugging experience, since in all likely hood it just fetches the wrong object :(
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