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Hey all,

I use Enhanced Search, and I have different IPs for my elasticsearch instance in development and production. When I use my production backups to refresh the development instance, I need to change the elasticsearch server IP to the development one, so the development instance can pick it up.

Is elasticSearchServer in xf_option the only place the IP configuration is stored? I have a script that replaces that value when I refresh my development instance, but recently the production IP is persisting.

I'm running 1.4.10.

Thanks in advance!


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That is the only place it's stored, but the option values are cached. You would need to trigger a rebuild of the option cache.
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Thanks for letting me know, that fits what I saw earlier. Is there a way to trigger a rebuild of the option cache by changing or populating a field in the database, or by hitting a certain admin page, or some other method?