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My girlfriend is looking for a cost effective, easy to use and innovative eNewsletter service. Does anyone know of some that fit the above description? It will be used as an internal newsletter. Some of the ones that she has looked at include MailChimp and Emma, but wants to know of a few more before making a decision.

Thanks guys and I hope to hear back from you soon. ;)
Can anyone help me out? My girlfriend has to make a decision by Tuesday (tomorrow my time) and she would really prefer having more then two to pick from.
Are you looking for a free solution? I used newzapp.co.uk before. They arent the cheapest though, but on the plus side, all the staff are hot!(sorry thats not much help)
It can be paid for or free, so long as it serves the purpose I stated in my first post and is reliable. Thanks for the suggestion Stevebullman. And I'll be sure to let my girlfriend know about your customers recommendation of MailChimp. (y)

Digital Doctor

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I think size matters. (How big a list are we talking here?)
I also think the nature of the Newsletter makes a difference.
- is it mostly stable members ? (people whom want this newsletter).
- or is this more of a cold call mailing where response rates are low.
- do you want to track whom actually clicks on the links and goes to the website ?
- do you want unsubscribe options ?

Post your review (or your girlfriend's) of Mailchimp and then that will firm up what you want / don't want ... and how much you want to spend.

steven s

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I've been using phplist for the last couple months and have liked it.
But that runs of our server.

We also us magnetmail.com a alot of people use constantcontact.
It will be used as an internal newsletter and she wants it to be interactive. The articles will be posted on a website with links in the newsletter. Pretty much to how modern day corporate newsletters are set up and work, as it's for her work and not personal use or for a hobby site. Thanks so far for the suggestions guys! :)


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If it's for internal newsletter, perhaps a solution that you can host on your own server might be better?

I own interspire email marketeer and from the research I did back when I bought it, it was probably the best available solution for your own server. http://www.interspire.com/emailmarketer/

(support is less than great though, mind you)