Energy drinks


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Few months ago I started consuming energy drinks. At first, I would get a good kick; but now I can't say that. I have tried many different brands and flavors. My favorite is Low-Carb Monster. Do you chug energy drinks to get your day going?


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Get more sleep! I use to drink energy drinks quite often but once you drink them too much as you experienced the kick goes away. More sleep, exercise and some morning coffee does it for me.

IF I do buy one it's Amp or Low-Carb Monster

Anthony Parsons

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Nope... seen people have negative side effects from them and refuse to touch the things. I just stick to coffee, staying healthy and exercise... that gives me heaps of energy.
I do on occasion drink a few energy drinks, but the reason I mainly don't is the price. I don't want to pay 2-3 dollars for 20-24 oz can of something when I can turn that into a two liter bottle of pop, or a 32 oz bottle of powerade with still 1-2 dollars left over. Every once in a while, I'll buy a few. I just honestly don't think the caffeine and sugar really affect me, I just like the taste.


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I don't see any reason to try energy drinks, and the random chance I did drink one (usually Red Bull during their free giveaways) my stomach ended up hurting for some time after that.

So definitely not a fan. :p


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Although I much prefer coffee or tea, I have had Red Bulls, 5 Hour Energy, AMP and the like when I needed a serious dose of caffeine to get my course work done. I like when Red Bull when it is chilled properly the best.


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Hate them myself, taste like c**p and the ones I've tried did bugger all ... much better to exercise, diet and sleep properly. And I definitely don't let the kids anywhere near them either.


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Instead of spending your money on that snakeoil, send all your cash to me, and in return I'll cast a magic spell over you that will keep you awake for 40 years. I can do it remotely, we don't need to be in the same place.


I know a one guy , who had a heart-attack after drinking a lot of energy drinks ..
Energy drinks are not giving you more energy but are only consuming your body's energy reserves .


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If I do have a canned "energy" drink it will be RedBull :D But mostly it's coffee on a daily basis.