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[Endless Horizon] YouTube on Profile - A free and open-source alternative to existing paid add-on.

A free and open-source alternative to existing paid add-on.

This add-on allows user to embed a YouTube video in their profile. They can simply insert the video's URL or ID (yes, user doesn't have to manually take the ID from a URL). Site administrators also have the ability to configure display, position and usergroup permissions.

Display in user's profile:
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Users set their YouTube Video in their Personal Details page:...

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There's an issue with the first version where you can't save your Personal Details if you don't enter any value for the YouTube Video's URL/ID. It's fixed in v1.0.1 which you can download from the GitHub page (there's no release tag, you'll have to download the whole repo - the files are already structured like any typical add-on, so you should know what to do).
I'll upload that version to the community when I have the time (which may be a couple of days/weeks later).
videu Is not deleted after being added

Hmm, have you tried clearing OpCache or the likes after upgrade? It's not supposed to throw that error when the field is empty. Double-checked on two different XenForo installations.
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