XF 1.5 Enable signatures?



I feel a bit embarrassed to ask this but I can't seem to find how users can add/edit their signature? We recently migrated from vbulletin to xenforo and I've had recent complaints from users that can't find anywhere to add a signature.

I've tried a search through the admin panel too and there's nothing that indicates enabling a signature.



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Hello there

If you are talking about the location for users to edit their signature it would be example.com/community/account/signature

If you need to adjust the permissions for what usergroups can create and edit their signatures that would be done @ example.com/admin.php?user-group-permissions/ using the various permissions.

For users to find the link it would be found by hovering over your name next to inbox in the header area and clicking on "Signature".


When I visit /community/account/signature it states
"You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."

When I go to permissions there is a "Signature Permissions" section which is set on allow for admins but I still can't see a signature for myself.

When I hover over my name, there is no signature link. See attached image:



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As you've moved from vBulletin, you should read through this guide on XenForo user group permissions:


Reading and understanding this, then making adjustments to your user groups accordingly, will hopefully resolve this and any other permission issues you make have following the migration.

After that, this guide on node permissions and how they work with user group permissions will also be useful: