XF 2.2 Empty error text - can I find where is the problem?


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Hello all! :)
I'm building a new payment provider for xF2.
I have a strange issue.
1. For User Upgrades it works as expected
2. But for one of my purchasable items (custom), when I POST the form to /purchase/process?request_key=bBwSG2fam0c3dh84C5UZ1C5XS2BYcaGY (example)
I get this screen:

I know that you can't have a clear view since all are customs, but could anyone help me, at least to get what is the error / extract the phrase?
I'm debugging for hours but can't understand where is the error since no text phrase.

As I said, the error appears after submitting the above form action.
No error on server error log.
No info on the transaction log.
Anything in the browser console?

Other than that, all I can suggest is putting breaks in the code to identify exactly where it's failing.
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