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Very cool idea. I wonder what effect it has on the server load though, especially if multiple sites decide to embed your forum.


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I always wondered if I should embed my own forum into other websites (because more organizations use my forum and all those organizations have their own website without a forum), but I just wasn't sure of the benefits.

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Is there User Integration ? ie. between Wordpress and Vanilla ?
Why no Joomla embed ? (the CMS which really needs it).

Many sites with one forum ... hmmm ... could be interesting.


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It's very interesting, but having expected it further, it would not be best for xF. xF wouldn't be xF if it had that feature.


Damn, that's pretty nifty :) I am interested to see if this is really a good solution .. but I would love to use this on my wordpress blog for example.


I really like this. It's blank but I found this video on the site http://screenr.com/M4l

I'm very interested in this for wordpress and hope to test that but rather that xenforo has this. I looked at vanilla features: embed and mobile are the one I'm interested in.


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I dont get it... looks blank to me.
I was thinking this, but I scrolled down and saw the video.

Interesting idea but this would cause high server loads. And much like the page that was linked in OP, its bound to go bonkers. *ahem* Have problems displaying threads.


I have missed the embedment for years now, would LOVE to use it again.

UBB has been using the java script so one can select content like "who' online" or new post or just threads from all forum, they call it "content island" they been doing it for over a decade, I just heard that IP just implemented this feature calling it "Content Containers" VB I have asked and they could never understand what I was talking about when i switch from eve forums to them. And yes eve forum like vanilla is hosted and have also been doing content embedment for over a decade.

I have been jumping through hoops using mudpie to call rss to java so I could keep the placment on my websites main theme that call for the nich sites to gather all there content. and its not always reliable.

I would LOVE to be able to use this feature again and be able to break out of the confining walls of one webware app . 100% thumbs up.

you know its extemely important to me, when you get this lurker chatting lol

Digital Doctor

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For certain sites, which don't have a forum, you could try to be the "META" forum for many sites ...
I wonder if you could sync users ?
I guess if site 1 where your embedded xenforo was used Facebook logins ... and your xenforo site used facebook logins .... the new users coming from site1 should be able to "Signup" at your forums easily.




implementing simplepie or magpie [both are free code to use at will] into the forum software achieve this result. There by all one has to do is select the forum area and simplepie help can create a snippet to use to embed into any webpage in the wild.

Still would love to see an easy way to get embed codes [by java too/either or]