XF 1.5 Embarrassing question - where did I create the variable?


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While setting XF up for the big move I created, it seems, two variables: {$no_advert_link} and {$no_advert_copy}

I used them as such in one of the templates:
<a style="text-align: left;" href="{$no_advert_link}">{$no_advert_copy}</a>

I cannot for the life of me find where they are. I need to change the values.
I've looked in the other templates I created - only two, nothing in there. I've been clicking all around the admincp and cannot seem to find them.

Give me a clue and I'll buy you a beer :rolleyes:



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Hey @Optic

Thanks - that only shows the two templates where I am using the variables. e.g. ad_thread_view_below_messages

I'm struggling to find where I created them and set their values. Stupidest thing ever that I cannot find them :S