XF 1.5 Emails during registration


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seems like most all email clients blacklist xenforo, so i have turned off email verification which is fine but i get a ton of bounced emails from people miss spelling there email , how can i make it to where they have to enter there email twice and it makes sure they match

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I don't seem to have trouble with blacklisted emails. How are you sending them? If you're sending them via PHP mail() or your own SMTP server, you need to configure SPF and DKIM records if you want your mail to be delivered reliably.

I'd recommend just going with a service provider like SendGrid or similar so they take care of everything for you.

XenForo also offers bounced email detection, but it requires a bit of work to set up.


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i try to send a mass email and it says it sent 400 emails but like 15 people will show up, if i export the email list and remove all the user names and BBC them in gmail i get 300 members to come to the site ,

something is wrong with xenforo email system, no hotmail users get there emails and comcast,bell south and hughesnet won't trust the sender


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That's nothing to do with XF, it's more likely your server IP address has been blacklisted, at least in the case of Hotmail.


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...more likely your server IP address has been blacklisted
Go to Hetrixtools and enter your mail server IP address or your domain name and see what turns up. (NOTE: Hetrixtools has a FREE service to monitor up to 32 IP's.)

Also be aware if you are on a shared server, then it might not be your website causing a problem, but one of the neighboring websites on your shared server which has caused the mail server to get blacklisted.

...you need to configure SPF and DKIM records if you want your mail to be delivered reliably.
As mentioned above, that's really Job #1. (i.e. The place to start fixing things)

Afterwards you may find these two threads somewhat helpful/educational in working out your registration email issues: Issues with Gmail registrations... & Important info for users with Microsoft email addresses (Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, Live)