Add-on Email Verification on Registration

I am looking for someone to code an addon which will perform an additional email verification through a third party API service.

If the email verification service reports "valid/unknown", then the registration will proceed to sending a verification email. If any other messages such as "invalid, invalidFormat, tempDomain, then the user is brought back to the registration form with an error message asking them to recheck their email address.

This will be a private release, so PM me if you're interested in coding this.


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I tried that site and it took ages to check an email address and load the result.

TBH, I would rather write my own special check than to use this site. You can check a lot with just calling the mail server of the address and ask if the address is valid. This is one single quick outgoing call and you are not dependent of a third party provider which seems to lack computer power.

Also, if you do your own check, you do not have to forward your customers data to a foreign service.


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I tried the check at their web site. It took 10-20 seconds.

However, I do not see a reason to use their services as it would be easier and quicker to check the mail server of the given address directly.