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XF 1.3 Email notification policy

Hi - I'm having a hard time finding a description of the policy by which Xenforo, by default, sends email notifications to members who are watching forums and topics. I looked in the manual and didn't see anything, and searching on the forum didn't pull anything up specifically outlining the approach XF takes. I'd like to be able to guide the users on the forum as to when to expect (and not expect!) emails given that XF has a "no more notifications until you've visited the topic" approach to certain types of notifications. I just want to make sure I'm as clear as possible... any pointers appreciated...


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Emails for watched threads will only be sent once and not again until the thread has been read.
Emails for watched forums depend on the setting - new threads only or new messages.
Emails for conversations are sent for every message.
Thanks, Brogan. Clear as a bell. For the second - watched forums. Does it have the same trigger as watched threads for individual messages? I know watched forums will send an email for every new thread regardless of your visit (I believe), but does it do that for individual messages as well - regardless of visit?