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Email/NNTP integration to xF - $200 Payment waiting...


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Originally requested here, however has all but died so requesting again with a $$$ incentive :)

Basically it needs to have the same functionality as this:


So, this mod allows integration with nntp and email - on the NNTP side it will connect and log on to a user specified news server in AdminCP and download any new messages, placing them in the user specified forum. On the e-mail side it will parse a mailbox and put any messages found in that mailbox into another user specified forum.

Originally coded for vB and still working under 3.5+ and 4+. This hopefully would just be a case of modifying what exists to work under xF. please feel free to contact me if you want current working files.

From the original Mod...

This hack provides a gateway from vBulletin forums to the USENET. It allows forum members to read newsgroup messages as well as to send posts to the newsgroups. In a nutshell, it turns forums into a basic function news reader.

For an added bonus, this package also supports mailing list archive and forum to mailing list gateway. The software retrieves messages from a pop3 account and import them into the forums threaded. It also allows a forums user to send messages to the mailing list by the forum posting interface.


The gateway will be appreciated by forum members who do not know how to set up a news reader, or people who do not have port 119 open in their network. A forum interface to read and post news are often considered to be better than a news reader.

The gateway adds more contents to your forums and allows the members to interact with wider audience. It is common to see new users signing up to use this feature.


This hack was originally coded by Gilby for vB2. It was modified to work with vB3.5+

The very original hack by Gilby can be found here:


The vB3 version can be found here:


The latest version can be found here:



Some of the features include:

  • Handles both newsgroup posts and mailing lists.
  • Handles MIME encoded messages and attachment.
  • Handles UUEncoded messages.
  • Admin Control Panels for all settings.
  • Correct thread implementation. All imported messages and posts sent to newsgroups will be threaded correctly according to References and Message-ID headers.
  • Optional setting to thread by subject for mailing lists that strip references header.
  • Imported messages will be searchable just like normal forum posts.
  • Similar threads are built when the messages are imported if the system setting is on.
  • Multiple attachments importing.
  • Save attachment to database or file according to vB setting.
  • Thumbnail created while importing image files.
  • Multiple attachment post to newsgroup is also supported.
  • Selectable X-No-Archive header honouring system.
  • Light on system resources.
  • Global Killfile to filter out unwanted messages. Killfiles can have OR and AND effectiveness.
  • Strip footer by setting for incoming messages. Strips out repeated message footers.
  • Built options to disable signatures and footers for out going messages.
Not the smallest of Mods, however since just a straight port would be suitable for anyone that knows their way about both systems.

If anyone requires more info, please feel free to give me a shout.

Many thanks


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thought i would fire this one back up there to see again if anyone was interested in this one??