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Email feeder (addon) - Create a Thread/Reply from Email

Currently I'm doing it this way, however it's not secure. Because RSS must make the link public.

I need add-on to do it, can anyone help please reply. I'd be grateful if someone could give me a better solution.

Just o be clear about the "security" of the RSS feed in this solution, the RSS feed URL is confidentail in the sense that it is generated by Zapier. The URL itself is not public. Theroretically someone could guess at the URL itsellf. It's about as secure as someone guessing at a password in order to look get access to the feed.
@Semper Fidelis

Do you have a way to solve attachments and RSS is too large?

Currently, for emails with attachments larger than 1Mb, Zapier cannot generate RSS.
No, I don't ahve a solution for that, but my purposes are limited in what I use it for.

Contact Form to thread has been a useful Addon since, initally, I was the only one who would be able to read things that came in and act on them. There were still email responses to rejection notices and other administrative actions that I would ahve to copy and paste into threads for other mods and admins.

So, as it is, I filter the emails that I send to the RSS feed. Ocassionaly, someone will write a really long email that exceeds the RSS limits but that is rare.

If you get an Addon to convert emails to threads you may want to figute out how to filter it.
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