XF 1.1 email confirmation not working...no email...

David Trefry

New member

I know many people have been down this road already because I tried using the community database to solve it but am having no luck.

My email transpoprt settins are as follows:

mail.myhostname.com : port 465
user name and password

That email account address is the same for Default Email Address and the outgoing SMTP config above.

I can register test members and get the message that registration awaits them if they click the link in their email.

Have I skipped anything?

The Xen box is running CentOS Linux and I've opened up the firewall to no avail.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Tracy Perry

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i tried that. i'll try it again maybe some settings have changed sine the .

this is just an email client, correct? i can't get out
on port 25, it's blocked by my isp.

thanks. stay tuned.

Are you running this from home on a cable/dsl/fibre to the house?
If so, change your SMTP server to use a different port and then in your router remap inbound port 25 to that new port #.

David Trefry

New member
yes from my home via fiber. in addition to my isp i'm using an smtp host which doesn't block any ports. same one i registered my domain name with. i also have the admin email with them.
do i need to run my own email server?
they told me, for outgoing email use port 465 ssl. is that the traffic i should remap 25 to?
i do bave some gaps in my knowledge of this so thanks a lot for a y help.

David Trefry

New member
getting close i think. if i use the default, check box with -f, i need to run the sendmail server service because the default checkbox uses the php mail sw, and that uses sendmail. i'll report what i find tomorrow. i need to edit php.ini as well.

thanks for the help.

David Trefry

New member

got the smtp working. dumped sendmail server and switched to postfix server. a good decision for many reasons.

i had to step through the zend transport code to figure it out. i was using my ( basic board info ) default email address as the bounce address on the email options page, which i now know is not allowed, but was not aware from the error that this was a problem. found it when the code threw the exception.

php mail still not working. no exceptions but still not receiving. i prefer the php method over smtp and will try to that that working.