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New members are not receiving email confirmation upon registering.

I've tested this with three different email accounts of my own. No email confirmations were received and there is nothing in the spam box.

I've checked to see if my domain is being blacklisted. There is no indication it is.

I've also check the server log for errors. There is nothing.

I'm running an earlier version of XenForo on the same server and have no problems with it, so the issue doesn't seem to be with the host or server.

What could be the problem and how do I fix it?
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If you are using the default PHP mail function and there are no errors in the ACP, then this means the emails have been handed off to the server.

At that point XenForo is no longer involved so you would need to check the mail server log to see whether they are being sent or not.

Your host should be able to help with that if you are unsure how to check the log.

If they are being sent then it could be any number of reasons why they aren't being delivered.
This resource should help: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/dealing-with-spam-filters.366/


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OMG, after driving myself half crazy going back and forth with the host (the fact that it's 100 degrees fahrenheit in Los Angeles and I don't have air-conditioning doesn't help), I checked to see the email I have set up as the administrator, and it differed from the email for the domain. Once I changed my personal email to the one I set up in cpanel for the domain, it all worked. What tipped me off is when the error messages said that the email doesn't match the domain.

Maybe this will help somebody else encountering the same problem.

Check in admin to make sure your email as administrator (this may be by default when you purchase and install the software) matches the email you set up for the domain on your server.

Phew, time to take a cold shower.
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