XF 2.2 Email Alerts of API Keys Created - Unauthorized

Hi guys, I received two auto-generated system emails stating that Guest and Super User API keys were created, which I did not do or authorize. Checking in the admin at Setup --> API Keys, it reads: No items have been created yet.

It seems I should change my admin password in the least, but this is quite confusing as to why this happened, but seems like it didn't happen.
You can disable email for test/dev installations by adding this to the src/config.php file:
$config['enableMail'] = false;

You can optionally have emails sent to a directory on the server (if you want to check email formatting/styling, etc.):
$c->extend('mailer.transport', function()
    return \XF\Mail\Mailer::getTransportFromOption('file', [
        'path' => \XF::getRootDirectory() . '/_temp'
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